18 - 20 October 2013
DevFest Vienna 2013

Sixteen tech talks, five workshops, and an open hackathon

18 - 20 October 2013
DevFest Vienna 2013

Sixteen tech talks, five workshops, and an open hackathon

DevFests are large-scale community events throughout the world, following the tradition of Google DevFests and organized by local user groups.

Workshops - Day 0

With Saturday offering presentations and tech talks, the Friday afternoon will have workshops dedicated to current IT topics. You bring your laptop PC and in the team you will explore topics like: JEE6 & NoSQL, jQuery Mobile, Hangout Development, Scala, ... The level of the workshops varies - some of them are ready for novices, other require intermediate knowledge and experience.
We start on day 0 at the University of Technology: Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10 (Freihaus), FH HS3, FH HS4.

Tech Talks - Day 1

On Saturday we will have sessions about various topics: jQuery Mobile, phonegap, Scala, Codiqa, NoSQL, Reactor, ...
Saturday will take place at the University of Technology: Gußhausstraße 27-29 (Elektrotechnik-Institut), EI9, EI10.

Open Hackathon - Day 10

And on Sunday we will have an open hackathon. Any software, any technology, any tools are allowed.
For some APIs and toolsets our sponsors will award special prizes!
This Open Hackathon takes place in the coworking space Sektor5.

Conduct Policy

DevFest Vienna is dedicated to being open to everyone and making the conference a safe place for all. We do not discriminate based on ethnic background, religion, gender, sexuality, body shape, or disability. We do not tolerate harassment based on discrimination.

See our conduct policy for more details.

Please report any violation of the conduct policy to a member of the Organizer team (recognizable through a red highlighted badge).

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